Legerity Digital Press is closing as a business and is no longer selling books.


Please contact your professor/instructor with regard to obtaining copies of any materials you require for class.


Please refer below to the book or books for which you are interested.

■ Guiding the Digital Transformation of Organizations, 1st & 2nd Editions (GDTO):

Professors Sambamurthy and Zmud will allow faculty to use GDTO without charge and will also allow faculty to share GDTO (and all related materials) with colleagues. However, it is the responsibility of adopting faculty to distribute textbook materials to their students (or to colleagues) and no support will be provided. We explain below how interested faculty can download student versions of the textbook. GDTO will only be available through the LDP website until December 31st, after which time the LDP website will not be accessible. Anyone wishing to communicate with Professor Zmud regarding either of these books is advised to do so via email at: rzmud@ou.edu. A 3rd edition will not be produced.

Downloading Textbook Materials from the LDP Website:

Registered users can access textbooks and supplementary materials from the ‘Educator Preview’ section of the LDP website after logging onto the site. This includes downloading an examination copy of a book, student versions of a book (full book and individual chapters), and all the textbook supplementary materials.

University Readers Course Package Users:

We are aware that some adopters use University Readers to create ‘course packs’ to be distributed to their students. This remains possible for GDTO. Remember, however, that current/future users of GDTO can themselves distribute, without charge, textbook chapters to their students.